Why Aeroponics?

Did you know that aeroponics systems are much faster, more reliable, and predictable than growing in soil? Many people start off growing in the soil only to discover all the complications that traditional soil growing has of bugs, pests, bacteria, and issues controlling proper water and nutrient levels. In aeroponics, we use water/nutrient solution, which means we can always give the plant exactly what it needs. Even if the water/nutrients get out of whack, we simply change the water. Have you ever tried to change the soil in a plant? Changing the properties of the earth can be complicated, take a long time and can shock or kill the plant. The key to aeroponics is to have a simple and easy-to-maintain system.

Many people get scared of aeroponics systems because many are so complicated. We have learned that the main reason people who try aeroponics cloners or growing systems and give up is this simple reason…… they use systems with a water pump sitting in the container right in the nutrient solution. Believe it or not, that water pump causes more problems than dirt and is the number one reason people give up aeroponics. The number two reason is clogging misters. Don’t worry; we have simple and innovative solutions for both of those issues.

If you search online, there are no shortages of aeroponic systems and do-it-yourself kits that include a water pump or similar attached to some sort of pipe or manifold with several small mister heads attached. YouTube has a bunch of videos on how to make these for around $50 or less. People try them, and they don’t go so great, run into problems, struggle and then throw in the aeroponic towel. Let me explain what is going on.

The pump sits in the nutrient solution pumping continuously to the small mister heads. Heat is generated within those little pumps, and algae and bacteria attach and grow around that magnificent source of heat. The rich nutrient solution effectively feeds the algae and bacteria. As the algae and bacteria spread throughout the system, the misters begin to clog, creating backpressure in the pump causing it to work harder and heat more. The algae and bacteria are not easy to see, but you can feel it like a smooth thin layer of slime.

This becomes a high maintenance issue giving aeroponics cloning and growing a bad name. Common solutions are ordering new mister heads and changing them out or tediously trying to clean the existing misters. Frequent water solution changes and constant scrubbing of the equipment. This is where aeroponics is considered too high maintenance and unreliable, and the grower moves back to the soil.
The sad part is that the industry has not come up with a simple, reliable solution for these issues until no we have re-invented aeroponics.

But Now!!!

With the invention of the patented Dewey Mister, we can mist a nutrient solution using air. That’s right, no water pump necessary. Here is what is really cool, misting water with air actually has a cooling effect. So, instead of heating the water, we are cooling it by as much as 5 degrees. Also, the Dewey Mister doesn’t clog.
This is awesome because now you can run organic nutrient solutions, something unheard of with other systems.
Our Mister uses less water and therefore less nutrient solution.
Clean-up is easier because you don’t have the algae and bacteria growth caused by heating in other systems.
There are no air stones because we are aerating the water with our Dewey Mister Engine.
NEVER use a water pump in your aeroponics cloner or growing system again, and join us in the Growing Revolution.

Benefits Of The Dewey Mister System 

With Dewey Mister, there’s no need to mess with messy mediums like dirt, coco, or clay pellets. Mix up some nutrient-rich water, plug your Dewey Mister into the air pump, put your plant with its fresh insert into the custom cut lid, and start growing!

The Dewey Mister System will save you money! Don’t use anything other than water and nutrients, no fertilizer is needed to get the growing process started. As with any growing system, you’ll need an effective place to grow your plants, such as a grow tent with good grow lighting and airflow to maintain pH levels and the temperature of the plants that you are growing. With the right combination of these elements, you will create an environment where your plants will thrive.

Dewey Davison invented the Dewey Mister in 2013. Dewey is a longtime backyard hobbyist, gardener, and inventor. He has dabbled in all sorts of gardening, from traditional to aeroponics, hydroponics, and aquaponics. From this experience in aquaponics- using air to move water instead of water pumps- led to the air-driven and now-patented Dewey Mister for aeroponic growing. Even with the first prototype, we found the growing results were amazing, and you will too.
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