Aqua One Precision 2500 – Twin Outlet Air Pump 160L/H


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To achieve excellent yields that are bursting with flavor and packed full of nutrients, we must start at the often-overlooked roots! That’s why the Dewey Mister team has specifically selected one of Australia’s most tried and tested air pumps (Aqua One Precision 2500), built for performance.

When Paired with your Dewey Mister engine, the combined technology supercharges your plants using our aeroponics grow system. After many hours of testing under various conditions, these air pumps are quiet, efficient and cost-effective.

Our air pumps are available in single, twin and four outlets and packed full of features like control switches to calibrate flow rate, 1.9m power cord for hard to access areas and nonslip rubber base to minimize vibration, together with our locally backed 2+1 Year Warranty we have you covered.


Model: Precision 2500
Air Output per hour: 160 L/hr
Speed Control: Yes
Number of Outlets: Single
Air Pressure: 19kPa
Operating Voltage: 240/50Hz
Power: 2.5W
Adjustable Speed: Yes

In The Box

[1] x Aqua One Precision 2500 Adjustable Aquarium Air Pump 1 x 160L/H with Single Outlet


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