Gold Label– Hydrocorn / 5L

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Gold Label– Hydrocorn

Gold Label Hydrocorn (clay pebbles) are manufactured using a mix of the best quality pure clays and are baked in an open furnace using high-grade clean fuels, guaranteeing the absence of heavy metals or other contaminants.

Gold Label – Hydrocorn 5L proudly carries the RHP for horticulture quality certificate. Gold Label Hydrocorn is the inert hydroponics substrate of choice for professionals. The 8-16 mm size provides stability and the unique uneven shape of the pebble is an ideal surface for roots and beneficial bacteria.

The porous structure has a high water capacity and is suitable for both ebb/flood and top irrigation systems. Gold Label Hydrocorn is also available in 4-8 mm and 16-25 mm.

Specifically designed to be misshaped and porous – the best inert hydroponic substrate on the market.

  • Best in Class
    Porous pebbles for a healthy micro root system
  • RHP Certified
    The only RHP certified clay pebble in the world.
  • Versatile
    The porous, uneven structure has a high water capacity and is suitable for all hydroponic systems.


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