TS 600 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 100W 60x60cm

$165.00 Inc Gst

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New LED Lighting Technology In Modern Farming

  • Mix Full Spectrum
    Suit for plants all growing stages, makes your indoor growth more easier
  • Increase Yields
    Low energy consumption, driving efficiency to increase yields
  • Improve Crop Quality
    Harvesting massive dense buds, achieve maximize yield and profitability

TS 600 Optimal Performance

  • Max Yield 2g/w- 30% higher yield than other LED
  • New SMD Chips- High performance new LED tech provide highest harvest
  • Sunlike Full Spectrum- Close to sunlight for all grow stages
  • ETL/CE Certificates Passed- No fire risk, 100% safe for using
  • PPE Value 2.3μmol/j- Uniform output, higher efficiency
  • Unique Reflective Aluminum Hood- Intensity light enlarge lighting area


Warm White Light- boosts plant’s bloom
White Light- promotes plant’s germination
Red Light (660nm)- speeds up the phytochrome conversions
IR Light (730nm)- good for flower (dimmer than red ones)



1 x TS 600 LED Grow Light
2 x Adjustable Rope Hangers
2 x Hanging Kits
1 x Power Cord
1 x User Manual


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